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Our Mission

The staff at Precision is dedicated to creating a customer environment that will be remarkable to each person we serve.

From Humble Beginnings

Precision Construction’s values of taking care of families is reflected in it’s very founding. Jim Pellock had started the company in 1995, as a single father looking for a way to make a living while taking care of his son. Putting his family first, he needed to do something that gave him the flexibility to tend to his son’s needs. Having worked with home improvement for much of his career, he decided that starting Precision was the best decision he could make for his family. He put his knowledge and expertise to good use and managed to get his business off the ground.

Starting Out

Starting Precision was no easy task. There were not hordes of people awaiting his services to fix their homes. It was because of this experience that Jim learned to adopt a very important practice that still holds true until today, to treat each customer as if they were the only ones he had. By focusing all his commitment and care on each individual client, he was able to channel his years of expertise and deliver quality service and customer care. With every satisfied customer, came the opportunity for a referral. The business grew from there and took on a whole new life.

Precision Construction Services Today

Today Precision Construction still carries out the same values it did when it first began. Dedication to customer care and quality is at the forefront of what we do. By supplying only the finest products and giving our customers access to the best experts around, we are able to deliver top quality service to Mid-Missouri. Our staff is dedicated to customer satisfaction and go out of their way to deliver precision quality at timely turnaround times