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Sun Rooms

A sun room enclosure might be just what you need to add character to your deck. Enjoy the outdoors while avoiding insects. Precision offers a wide variety of layouts and designs guaranteed to fit your needs.



Nothing brightens up the room like natural sunlight. A skylight doesn't just add class to a room, but has practical applications as well. They add natural light to areas of the house while helping to maintain privacy. They also enable light to enter smaller areas and corners of the house. Beyond cosmetics, they also help you save money. Skylights allow you to save on your energy bills, particularly during the winter season.


Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are an amazing way to brighten up a room. Through strategic placements, they can make a room seem larger than it really is. Precision Construction Services uses the best parts and materials to make sure every job will last the test of time. Not only will sun tunnels save you money on heating bills, but they can be placed in most places in the home.