Top 3 Ways to Know You Need New Roofing This Summer

Top 3 Ways to Know You Need New Roofing This Summer




Roofing typically has a pretty long shelf life, usually between 20 to 25 years. However, you as a homeowner, should be checking and inspecting your roof about every six months just to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Catching minor issues sooner rather than later is always a good thing for you and for your wallet. What better time start a summer project. To help you better assess your roof, here are 3 signs you might need new roofing this summer.


Signs of Pests

We are just coming out of winter and pests love to make our homes their dwellings during the cold months. They can come into attics from holes in your roof. Some mice can squeak into holes the size of a penny. They are not the best tenants to be hosting in attics. Pests can do a lot of damage to your roof and your attic, not to mention everything stored in your attic.  Some telltale signs of pests include hearing noises like flapping or scurrying. Noises like that can be caused by bats, birds, mice or other vermin. Other signs to look for are animal droppings in and around the attic. You should also check your attic for chewed wires, boxes, or wood. If you find signs of biting or chewing, you have got yourself an animal living in your attic. To check for small holes in your roof through which animals have entered your attic, try going up to your attic during bright, unclouded daylight and look for outside light peering through.


Water Damage

Signs of water damage are a huge indicator that you might need to repair your roofing. Start on the interior of your home. Look up at the ceilings and check for dark spots. You can also look for water spots around the fireplace. Moving to the exterior of your home, check for paint cracking or peeling off of roof overhangs. You can also look in your gutters for signs of water damage. If you find an excess amount of granules in your gutters, that could mean trouble for your roof. It is important to check for these signs if you have an older roof or if there has been recent harsh weather. Roofing is meant to last around 20 years but that can change with extreme weather.


Problems with Shingles

Looking at the condition of the shingles can be a huge help in indicating problems with your roofing. Look to see if shingles are curling, cracked, broken, or missing completely. Bald spots on your roof are not a good sign. Inspect your roof for sagging spots as well. If there are dark spots on shingles, that’s fine. Dark spots are purely a cosmetic issue. However, if you have moss growing on your shingles, you’ll want to fix that right away. Moss can mean excess moisture and underlying problems.


If heights aren’t your thing, or you just aren’t sure about getting on top of your roof, we can come give it a look for you. Just let us know by filling out our contact form here. If it turns out you need to build a whole new roof, we can help with the construction process.


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