Repairing a Roof is Harder than Roof Maintenance

Repairing a Roof is Harder than Roof Maintenance


A home's roof can be cumbersome due to concerns for its endurance. They can essentially have a long life span, but only if they are correctly maintained. Life span will also be dependent on the materials used and you will generally find that felt or asphalt-based roofs are less durable compared to slate or more modern materials such as EPDM. To prevent your roof from damage you will need to carry out roof maintenance on a regular basis and at least every Spring and Autumn, or following heavy weather conditions. Once you have the information you will realize it is not complex construction work to maintain or rebuild, it really is simple repairing a roof. Roofs traditionally built from felts can be more vulnerable to splitting, blistering, ponding and felt movement. Here you have a short guide to these issues and what you can do to prevent substantial damage through regular roof maintenance yourself without the of a construction building professional.

Splitting can be caused by freeze thawing, stress or pressure, water ponding or simply poor workmanship. It can be that the surface has not been cared for appropriately and solar-reflective paint or stones have not been maintained, or the surface has been damaged due to walking on it. Ponding will show as standing pools of water that do not drain or in dry conditions you will notice a concave area with a watermark surrounding it. If ponding occurs on the edge of your roof then you can install hoppers to collect the excess water, or an automatic pump can be implemented for problem areas in the middle of the roof. You could investigate fitting drains or ideally having the lower areas built up to stop the ponding altogether. Regular roof maintenance can help to prevent any damage that may cause ponding issues.

Blistering happens when air is trapped between the layers of felt or the felt substrate. When the air heats it causes air pockets which can lead to puncture when the blister breaks particularly if it is a larger blister and located on a join. If this happens then water can pass through the roof. The area will need to be cleaned and fixed professionally to ensure a waterproof seal is maintained without the presence of moisture. By regularly checking your roof you can remain vigilant and avoid a major problem, keeping insurance claims to a minimum. Through regular maintenance you can work on a preventative basis to avoid roof repair, which will be much more cost effective in the long run.

Hire a professional to safely remove dirt, leaves and debris from your roof, gutters and drains on a regular basis. Where possible a leaf blower will be the best option of removal as standing of the roof itself can damage it further. Unless your roof has been designed for use as an outdoor area it is likely that it will be very fragile. Standing on a roof can damage the slanting of the roof which is important to allow for rain run-off as well as punctures in the surface. Ponding will also occur when the run-off is not sufficient and can cause major repair problems.

Don’t forget that roof maintenance should include ensuring that all overhanging tree limbs are regularly cut back, allowing 1 metre clearance to avoid blockage and damage due to fallen leaves and branches as well as removing any unwanted vegetation or growth on the roof itself. Be aware that vegetation and moss can indicate that water is being held in sufficient quantity to allow growth which will ultimately lead to internal leakage.

After a heavy storm check your roof for damage and ponding and clear away any leaves and debris. Snowfall can also cause significant damage and should be shovelled off the roof carefully to prevent this. Freeze thaw will split the surface so it is important to check for this which can be caused by expanding ice. Internally you should regularly check your ceiling for any stains caused by water damage and leaking to ensure that you take corrective action as soon as possible in order to limit damage


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