What to Expect from a General Contractor for Roofing

What to Expect from a General Contractor for Roofing

General Contractor for Roofing

Everyone has heard their fair share of roofing contractor horror stories and home improvement disparities. So when hiring a general contractor for roofing, you should do quite a bit of research. To be fair, most roofing contractors are honest and trustworthy people. They have to work really hard to have the title that they do and they don’t usually get there by doing subpar work. Most roofing contractors started as carpenters or electricians before making the move to general roof contractor so they have a good background of roofing. On top of that you should expect your contractor to be licensed by the state as a roofing contractor. In any case you should also seek out a few different general contractors for roofing and ask questions to ensure you are getting the best quality contractor for your project. Here are a few things you should expect from a general contractor for roofing.


Roof inspection and estimate

Sometimes general contractors for roofing are self employed or employed by a construction company. Either way, you should expect them to come out to your project site and start by inspecting your roof to get a full assessment of what work actually needs to be done. From that, a seasoned roofing contractor should walk you through every aspect of the repair or replacement he plans to do. Your contractor should outline the estimated materials, labor, permits and anything else you both may discuss. Your contractor should never ask for full payment up front. A seasoned roofing contractor should be stable enough to obtain the materials he needs without an extremely large deposit on your behalf.



A general contractor for roofing should give you a thorough contract that includes start and end dates and a project timeline. However, you should expect things to go wrong and it’s okay if they do. Sometimes weather can have an effect on timelines and deliveries don’t always show up on time. You can’t expect your contractor to control things like that. What you can expect is your contractor communicating with you and keeping you updated on what is happening with your home, whether it is good or bad. You should have regular check ins with your contractor, but that’s not to say you should be micromanaging him. This is what your contractor specializes in and you should trust him to get the project done.


They are just one piece of the puzzle

General Contractors for roofing will usually hire subcontractors to help with a large-scale job or other jobs that need done within the project. Things like insulation and wiring may be divvied out to specialty workers and contractors. Especially for things like solar paneling on roofs, which is becoming more popular with homeowners. Contractors don’t do the work all on their own, they need other workers such as roofers to complete the project. The contractor's main job is overseeing the project day to day. They may be more hands on in some cases depending on who you choose to hire.


Here's the bottom line: You should expect a lot from your contractor as far as keeping you informed about your home and the project. They should give you a fair estimate and a thorough contract as well as walking you through everything they plan to do with your home. And you should expect them to hire outside people so it is important that you do your own research on them as well.




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