Are residential metal roofs best for Mid-Missouri? (Part 2)

In part one of this series about residential metal roofs, we discussed the pros of having a metal roof. The positives are undeniable as discussed previously. From durability, to longevity, to environmental factors, metal roofs are a phenomenal option to have in your arsenal when it comes to home protection. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any drawbacks to them. Metal roofs have some pretty downsides that may completely change your mind as to whether they are right for your home.

High price point


The initial costs of metal roofs can be more expensive than what most people are used to. When considering the cost of replacing your roof this aspect is of upmost importance. Metal roofs can cost up to two or three times as much as traditional roofing. Because of the high cost, it is advisable that this type of investment be made only if you plan on living in your current home for some time.


One of the drawbacks of having a metal roof is often the noise. Because of the acoustic nature of the material, sounds are often amplified when anything makes contact with the roof. Rain and hail can cause a lot more noise than most people are used to and you’re in for a bad time if you are prone to headaches. Additional insulation can often times help reduce the noise created by metal roofs, however it can become costly.

Improper Installation

Improper installation can create a whole host of major issues. When it comes to metal roofs, it is highly advisable to get a certified roofer that knows what they’re doing. Improper installation can lead to water accumulation in various areas in the roof that could lead to dangerous damage. Depending on the grade of the metal, it could end up deteriorating and cause major damage to your home. What’s more, if improperly installed, the panels may not line up properly and cause leaks in your home. Even the way the panels are handled must be with care or the paint will chip away. With such precise needs for metal roofing, this further drives up the price and becomes something to consider when shopping for your new roof.

Natural disasters

Metal roofs are incredibly efficient against external fires; however, this comes with a price. Metal roofs don’t do much in the way of helping household fires. Household fires can turn your home into a large oven. This is not to mention that having a metal roof can make a firefighter’s job much more difficult in trying to put out a fire. Having to cut through the metal in order to get to the fire can greatly reduce the time that help can get to you. 

Metal roofs most definitely have their upsides as was mentioned in the first part of this series. The downsides are equally numerous as the positives. The high price point is of course the largest concern, as prices begin to rise depending on the amount of damage it takes. The question is if it’s right for you, particularly if you live in the Midwest. Find out in the next and final part of this series if metal roofs are the best choice for those living in the Midwest, particularly in Mid-Missouri.


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