Will your Roof Survive the Winter?

Will your Roof Survive the Winter?

Roof damage happens all year around, but the winter can particularly take a nasty toll on your home. The Mid-West is getting a heavier than usual amount of snow this season, that means that roofs in the Missouri area are going to take a heavier than usual beating. Part of making sure that your roof is safe means that you should know how snow can affect it. The damage that heavy snow can cause is often underestimated by the average homeowner.

Many people forget that although snow is not heavy on it’s own, over time it forms into ice and packs into every nook and cranny of your roof. When the snow melts then reaches freezing point once again, chances are it also increases the size of the cracks in your roof. The repeated cycle of melting and freezing slowly but surely destroys your roof. This process also makes it so that more ice is packed on to your roof and therefore more weight. This process becomes even worse when an ice damn is eventually formed.

When these heavy layers of ice start forming around your roof, they create an ice damn that stops all flow of water from going out the gutter. This exacerbates the situation and helps add even more weight on the roof. With all the additional weight of ice, your roof becomes even more susceptible to eventual collapse. Unchecked, an eventual cave in would leave you and your family at risk.

The question of course now becomes what you can do to help protect your roof. There are a myriad of options, but the first and most important is to get a licensed professional to check on your roof at least twice annually. By conducting routine inspections, you can be assured that your roof is in good health and that your home is safe from cave ins and or extensive damage. Also making sure that your gutters are clean and free of debris year around will help in avoid ice damns that may build up.

Another thing you can do is to help maintain the temperature in your home at a steady constant temperature as much as possible. When heat escapes your home, it can cause a type of thermal shock that further hurts your roof during the winter months. This is particularly important when choosing roofing material that will help in stopping heat from escaping your home. If the damage has become severe, it is advised that you do not try and repair it yourself, as it could lead to serious injury and or further destruction of your roof. Instead, consider hiring trained and licensed professionals with both the know how and equipment to be able to complete repairs.

Tools such as a roof rake may help in clearing the snow off your roof, provided you are careful and avoid injury from falling snow. This regular snow removal will make it difficult for snow to build on your roof. The best and most optimal solution however will always be to call professionals. By having regular maintenance on your roof, you can avoid a lot of expensive and dangerous situations.

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