Good Roofing Contractors are hard to come by - How to pick one yourself

Good Roofing Contractors are hard to come by - How to pick one yourself


We as people do not really think about the security our roofs provide; they shelter us from the elements and keep our heads dry. It is a fundamental drive for shelter that made the first humans build roofs when they moved from the caves. It started with leaves and branches and has evolved into today’s high tech asphalt, wood or even tile. Our roofs keep us safe and healthy, and we have a similar responsibility to our roofs to keep them maintained and well kept. It is our responsibility to pick a good roofing contractor for the construction of our roofs.

Weather disasters can strike at any time, rain storms, large hail, and heavy snow can create leaks and weak spots and even cave ins and leave you exposed and unsure what to do next. After having spent the required time with your homeowner’s insurance and having gotten the inspection over with you are left with the daunting task of picking a roofing contractor to repair or build you a new roof. Following are a few things to consider when picking the right contractor to fit your needs.

Seek out local contractors

Make sure you get a list of local contractors, not just ones operating locally. You want to be able to communicate with your contractor face to face and stay engaged throughout the entire process. It will make you feel that you are in good hands when the contractor operates in a tangible distance from you.

Read reviews, lots of them.

People have opinions and they will gladly share them with the world. A contracting business lives or dies on their reputation, and online reviews are key in today’s day and age. Any reputable contractor will always be open and honest with their web presence and display their reviews prominently on their page; if the reviews are not stellar, find one that has only five stars. Roofing Cost

You get what you pay for.

Cost of your roof construction is an important factor when considering your choice of roofing contractor. Be mindful not to make a knee jerk choice of going for the cheapest bid to your contract. To bid the lowest price, odds are the contractor has to cut costs somewhere, whether in labor or cheaper supplies, or not being fully licensed, insured and bonded. This is one of the few cases where passing the savings onto the consumer could be a bad thing, since you may possibly end up with a sub-par roof. Price

Get a full statement of work in writing.

What you want to avoid with any contracting work is vagueness and ambiguity. Get a written statement with everything that will be done for you and deadlines when it is expected to be done. Having it in writing will help you go to the contractor and keep them accountable to their promises.

Make sure your contractor is fully insured, licensed and bonded.

It’s not only good practice for the contractor and their employees to be fully insured in case something happens, it will also help cover you, and your property in case of any skimping on the side of the contractor. Peace of mind is priceless. Insurance


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