Kitchen remodeling - things to consider

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The kitchen is the heart of every home, we cook, we eat, we live, we raise our children and throw scraps to our pets in there; when choosing to do any kitchen remodeling there are many things we need to consider. The kitchen, being the most multifunctional room in the home, also comes with the most diverse functioning technology and cabinetry. Fridges and freezers cool, stoves and ovens heat, the microwave radiates your food to comforting warmth, the dishwasher cleans, the sink washes and disposes food garbage, the cabinets and cupboards store. When we remodel the kitchen we are making a multitude of simultaneous decisions that we will live with and have to love for years to come.


1. Know what you want your kitchen to be. If you entertain a lot of guests and need an island between your kitchen and the dining room as a staging area, it’s a perfect fit, but if you only cook for your small family and go straight from stove to table, an island might be superfluous; consider the ideal layout for your daily needs, always.


2. Do not, unless absolutely necessary, ever move your plumbing for the sake of one appliance. Plumbing is a systemic part of your entire house, and one small kink in the plan can cause issues across the whole house and soon you are playing whack-a-mole with leaks across the whole house. Don’t turn your kitchen remodeling into whole home remodeling.


3. Get a contractor with experience, insurance, and excellent reviews. Kitchen remodeling is not DIY, do not attempt major work yourself, even if you are handy. Pick a qualified local contractor who can provide references and examples of previous work. Do not hire your co-worker’s cousin who once fixed a kitchen in the land of never-happened.


4. Allocate spending wisely. Discuss your budget with your contractor and find a compromise that will work best for what your new kitchen needs, understand your remodeling costs in detail. Consider getting one tier down appliances if you have your heart set on those expensive granite countertops.


5. Shop early, shop often. A kitchen remodel is a marathon not a sprint. When you begin thinking about starting the project, shop around, find out when sales happen at the big box stores, same with all other materials needed. Impulse purchases are the road to regret.


6. Consider NOT trashing your cabinets, seriously. They don’t make them like they used to is not just an adage; if your cabinets are made of quality wood, consider re-staining/painting them and just changing the handles and hinges out. Make your cabinets good as new at a tenth of the cost. Do not trash your cabinets


7. Make it your own. You are going to spend a majority of your day looking at your kitchen, and sometimes night for those midnight snack we won’t tell anyone about, promise. Look through every design catalogue you can find, and find something you love for your kitchen, you want it to bring a smile to your face every time you turn on the kitchen light.

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